The top rated mobile car detailing service in Ottawa, on wheels .

What We Do

Getting your car detailed should be easy. Easier than leaving it at a dealership over night, shuttling to and from cleaners, and paying sky high prices for features you don't need. That's where we come in. We are a mobile car detailing service, meaning we come to you, wherever you are! Founded in Kanata, Cleen strives for simplicity and quality with every cleaning we perform. With over 250 cars detailed each month, convenience has never looked so good.

How It Works


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Detailer comes to you

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You rave

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Why Cleen

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We Come to You

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Consistent Results

What Makes Us Tick?

The average person spends over 37000 hours of their life driving. Cleen's goal is to make that time as enjoyable and as comfortable as possible. Detailers are performing services people don't need for prices they don't want to pay at shops they don't want to go to. Cleen Detailing flips this model around.

We provide two simple cleaning packages that cover everything you need. We take pride in our ratings,  exceptional service, and simplicity. It's what #TheCleenEffect is really all about.

Cleen Detailing