Become an Ottawa
Detailing Expert

Work somewhere interesting. Make great money. Build customer relationships.

Become an Ottawa
Detailing Expert

Work somewhere interesting. Make great money. Build customer relationships.

The face of Cleen 💧

Detailing Experts are the lifeblood of Cleen. The Detailing Expert role is designed for those who want freedom in their work, who enjoy interacting with customers, and who see value in working hard. It’s a role that was designed by students for students. If you want to learn about startups, be a part of an awesome team, and have an iconic job, read on (and apply at the bottom of the page) 🚗

About this role

As a Detailing Expert, you are responsible for providing Cleen’s core service, a high quality mobile car detailing.

Good to know

🚕   We’re not Uber. You get paid by the hour for your work and are compensated for your gas. No funny business. But working for Cleen gives you a lot more freedom than your average job.

🔥  Cleen is a startup, and acts like it. We work hard and move quickly. We give you a ton of autonomy right away. There is room to grow here, and your suggestions are listened to and implemented.

👋   Each day you will be on the streets, working hard and interacting with customers.

💪  You’ll be providing Cleen’s car detailing service (no prior experience required by the way!), but you’ll also be selling, collecting payments, and contacting customers throughout the day. This will give you exposure to a ton of essential skills. You’ll get training on how to do all of this from scratch, and how to do it well.

🌎  After their experience, a lot of Detailing Experts say that it was like they had the freedom of running their own business but without any risk. They set their own schedule, got to sell a quality service to customers on the street, collected tips, all with the security and knowledge that they were being paid by the hour.


Yes you absolutely do. There are no exceptions to this rule. Public transport is not an option, as you have to bring equipment back and forth to different job sites, and need to work within a timeline. Do not apply if you don’t have access to a vehicle.

You’re paid $16/hour from the second you clock in to the second you clock out every day. You’re also compensated for your gas expenditures.

You get paid 100% of your tips. To put this into perspective, on average this adds $8/hour to detailers pay (that’s $24/hour in total!). Large tips are incredibly common at Cleen, as you’re working on someones vehicle for hours, and our customers appreciate the high quality service.

The catch is that working for Cleen is really hard work. It’s not a job for the faint of heart, and each shift is physically tiring. Over 25% of new hires don’t even make it through their first 2 training shifts. If that stat concerns you then you’re probably one of the 25%, if it excites you – keep reading!

Working for Cleen is difficult, but it’s incredibly rewarding. Rewarding financially and experientially. If you appreciate working hard to get value. You’ll find that here. 

Gas compensation varies year to year based on gas prices at the time your contract is being drawn up. Your exact gas compensation will be included in your contract, but it will be just enough to cover the cost of gas (last year it was $0.14/KM).

You would head to our warehouse in the morning and pick up your set of equipment. You’d then drive to your first appointment (assigned to you from our app), and begin your detail. You’d keep detailing (an average of 3 cars a day), and then head back and drop your equipment off. You would be paid by the hour the second you arrive at our warehouse as an employee of Cleen.

All of our appointments are optimized by the route, so you won’t need to drive far in between appointments. The average Cleen employee drives 45 minutes to 1 hour per shift.

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