Working for Cleen is anything but a traditional job. Join a youthful team, learn a ton, and truly enjoy your work.

A startup experience like no other

Cleen is a company that was made by students, for students. We don’t expect you to work with us forever, in fact we embrace the idea that you won’t. We want Cleen to be your ground zero. An intense startup experience that equips you with the knowledge, tools, and mentality to thrive in any career path.

Three Positions

Cleen has crafted three positions for the 2020 season. Each position provides employees with different learning outcomes and experiences. Learn more and apply below.

Spray Bottle

Detailing Expert

The lifeblood of Cleen. Learn customer service skills, sales, and work outside.

Cleen Manager

Cleen Manager

Guide over 50 employees every day. Become a sales wizard. Live with an awesome team.

Cleen Franchisee


Start your own company. Step out of your comfort zone. Gain invaluable skills.